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Data Security Part 2

October 25, 2018

Probably the most important aspect of data security is your password. Passwords ensure secure access to almost everything digital and while you may be confident that your password is only known by you, chances are that it’s pretty easy to guess. Guessing a password is usually called a ‘brute force’ approach and computers can test thousands of passwords every second which is why you usually only get a limited number of attempts. When signing up to a new website or service, you definitely would have seen the password requirements. Usually, letters, numbers, capitals and special characters. Annoying right? But it’s all for your security and the security of your data. It is now recommended to use a combination of random words. So if you’re using the same old password for everything then it’s probably time to switch it up!

In order to protect your machine and your data you need three pieces of software. The first and foremost is the firewall. The firewall stops unwanted traffic from entering your computer. Windows and Mac OS come with a firewall built in and for the majority of people it will be more than enough.

The second piece of software is a good anti-virus solution. Viruses are nasty bits of software that are self-replicating. If you get a virus, disconnect your computer from the network immediately.

The last bit of software is anti-malware. A lot of people ask us whether anti-malware is necessary if they have anti-virus software. It definitely is! Most malware won’t be caught by an anti-virus program and malware is generally more threatening than a virus.

If you need a hand with setting up any of these solutions, just get in touch!

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