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Dedicated Website vs Facebook

May 7, 2017

Social Media in modern society has taken over a lot. It has worked its way into our lives and embedded itself. Facebook has got over 1.3 billion users and is still growing. Twitter is a hub of social activity and even the neglected Google+ has now got its fair share of active users. Social media has become so prominent that it is being used as a platform for marketing and selling, turning everyone into an entrepreneur. The fact that it is so easy to get followers and likes and build up an audience has raised the question for businesses, “Is it worth having a dedicated website?”. Although it has to be noted that this question does not only apply to businesses but to everyone who thinks a Facebook page is useful. Is getting a dedicated website and investing time and money into that going to be fruitful when the other option is to just have a Facebook page and direct traffic towards that? Of course it is possible and advisable to have both and link them to ensure and promote traffic to your business or service but many people are deciding to forgo the idea of a dedicated website purely because of the simplicity of social media.

For example, ASIT-Group are currently developing a website for a local band (the link will be supplied when it is completed). Almost all of the members of this band were very hesitant about the idea of a website at first because Facebook is the most prominent form of advertising online. After doing a bit of research and looking around at other bands they finally decided to launch their very own dedicated website for a few different reasons.

1) Professionalism

Having a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a Google+ account (and for the more daring of you) a Linked In account is all well and good, but easy. Being able to set up an account on any social media requires little to no knowledge and an email address. As such, every social media platform is slowly, but surely, becoming flooded by spam and people vainly attempting to make a quick dollar. Having an account is a good and effective way of reaching your intended audience quickly, however, having a dedicated website, custom designed for your brand, is a whole new level. It oozes professionalism. It speaks volumes about the seriousness of your endeavor without needing to say anything. If you can hand over a business card that has a “” on it, then people will immediately trust you a little bit more and they have that incentive to actually go to the site and become engaged. On the other hand, if you meet a potential client and at the end of the meeting say “Look us up on Facebook”…well…what do you think?

2) Possibilities

The possibilities of a dedicated website far outweigh anything generic social media platforms can offer. Yes, you can have band profiles and merchandise pages and a myriad of different things with social media. However, a dedicated website offers you that and more. You can have a custom designed space in the cyber world completely dedicated to you and your business. Look up “beautiful websites” on Google and tell me that those websites are not incredible. It is literally a form of art nowadays and having a website that stands out from the crowd will definitely attract a bit of attention.

3) Business

Selling stuff. That’s what you want right? Whether it is physical goods, content, music or something else. The whole point in the end is to either make a name for yourself or to make a bit of cash. Honestly, if you have a well set up store on a dedicated website that people trust then they will buy things. It’s as simple as that. Many people try and sell things through the platform that Facebook offer but every social media ever has had security issues and lots of people don’t trust it. To be able to tell people that they can buy your goods on your website means they will at least check it out and in the end traffic is traffic.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Social Media is amazing. It has opened up the door to incredible possibilities and has almost limitless potential, but don’t underestimate the power of a dedicated website. In the end, a combination of the two will prove to be the most effective solution and guarantee the maximum possible audience.

Till next time.


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