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Online Stores and why YOU need one

May 7, 2017

The nature of business has changed so much in the last decade, it seems that the days of visiting every retailer to find the best deal, or the newest car are long gone – we now just jump on our smart devices or computers and ‘google’ it. It is so common to shop online now that we even buy our groceries online, we bank online and find a new TV online, see a trend here? We are looking for convenience and ease of access, buying online seems to be the best way to buy right? Today we will discuss.

Ease of access & information-

Your customer wants to know what they want to know, whether that be who is the cheapest, who has the item in stock, who ships free, who has the most detailed specs, who has the color they want, who has …….. and the list goes on. Having an online store gives your customers ease of access to your product, and allows you to tell the customer everything you would in person, but from the comfort of their device.

Cost effective selling-

Having an online store adds little cost to your daily operations but allows for a huge increase in sales. You won’t need numerous new staff members, you won’t need a new shop floor, you won’t need a lot to get an online store up and running.

Extra revenue-

Customers that buy online are easy – they won’t take large amounts of employee time, or ask to look at your 20 circular saws out of the box, they have everything in front of them that they need to make the purchase, additionally your customer doesn’t usually have the provision to ‘bargain’ with you from your website, if your pricing is competitive, the customer will buy then and there.

Simple to Set Up-

Setting up an online store is so much easier than setting up a physical one, you hire a web developer to build you the store, you pay for a domain name (, you add in your products, organise freight and you are done.

Increased traffic to your website-

Customers shopping with you online are likely to browse just like regular shoppers, this leads to more traffic through your site and more prominent presence in the digital space.

Having an online site is not a one day project though, it takes a skilled web developer with an adequate understanding of your goals, a well thought out plan in place for the management of your business in the digital marketplace, a properly developed marketing strategy and most of all a wide range of product at a competitive price.

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