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Question and Answer Time: Ask ASIT Group.

May 7, 2017

1. How much does a website cost?

A website can cost a little or a lot – that is, things like its appearance, complexity and purpose all have an effect. Web developers (like us!) will work with clients to understand their needs and wants, and following that, can put forward a proposal for pricing.  To get you started, we have an excellent guide to pricing on our website and if what you’re searching for isn’t listed or you feel you require something special, drop us an email and you will hear from us as fast as humanly possible!

2. How do i get people to visit my website?

One of the biggest questions we get asked, and the answer is complicated.  Driving traffic to your website can come in a variety of ways, the nature of your business also has a huge impact and can massively change how you get your visitors. Typically though, people that see your site have a chance to visit it, this is nice and easy, flyers, paper / billboard advertising, listed advertisements, all of these will help people see your site.  Additionally, connecting with sites of similar interests and having them link to you is also an excellent way to do it.  There are so many other ways too, but I feel these are my favorite!

3. Why aren’t I at the top of Google?

Let’s first start with how Google ranks sites, and why some are higher than others.

Google likes sites that have HUGE daily traffic, a site with a million daily visits will just about always be higher up than a site with a thousand daily visits (as long as they are both relevant to the search criteria).  Secondly, a site that has a lot of other sites linking to it will be very likely to be at the top of a search, see, a site with a lot of other ‘backlinks’ is more likely to be relevant and provide the searcher with valuable information pertaining to their search.

Finally, Google loves compliant, updated sites, and that is where we can come in, building your site in certain ways and using certain tools will allow Google to search and index your site easier, also, making sure you have a skilled web developer that doesn’t have any errors in his code is very important.

4. How long does a website take to make?

This is again, a difficult question to answer, simple websites can be deployed in a few days to a week, whereas large, complex websites can take weeks or even months to finish, it is all relative to the needs of the client and the project that is undertaken. Getting in contact with us early allows us to establish a deadline and milestones early on so you are always in the loop. When

you choose ASIT Group, you are assigned your own consultant that is with you throughout the entire development process, our commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency is second to none.

5. How can I add things to my website – I’m not great with computers?

When your website is completed you will always have your own customer interface just for your (or your employees) to use to update, administer, and manage your site.  We create an easy to use interface that is well structured and labeled. If you can Google, e Mail, and Facebook (or any of the three) we can create a portal that you can use easily and without frustration.

Well, that’t it from us, catch you next time!

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