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Search Engine Optimisation

May 7, 2017

As part of our job, we at ASIT Group continuously look at the field we are in and the products available. In the field of Search Engine Optimisation we found a few different things:

  • The products are usually way overpriced ($2500 a month is not reasonable)
  • The products require complete control over your website.
  • They ‘guarantee you’ first page on Google.

Over the last few months we have been busy developing, building and fine-tuning a brand new, break-through product that has proven techniques behind it (see our case study).

First of all, unless you pay a ridiculous amount of money, being guaranteed first page on Google is not possible. We have found that paying that amount of money is just not feasible for smaller businesses. As a smaller business we at ASIT Group know how difficult things can be and have strived to create a product that solves the main issues of getting higher up the Google index.

Our product is only $99 AUD a month and does not require any access to your website. It is purely an add-on product that works in the background to boost your Google ranking.

  • Only use white hat techniques
  • Proven results
  • Free website audit
  • Directed traffic
  • You maintain control
  • Monthly suggestions to help increase your ranking

If this sounds like a product that would suit your business or website then let us know! We would love to have you on board. You will be assigned a personal case manager who is available for discussions and strategising. Just pick your keywords and fill out the form!

Or send us an email!

Obviously, we do provide more customised, higher-end packages but these are done on a quote basis.

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