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SEO Quick Tips

September 25, 2018

SEO is a massive, confusing field. But when done correctly, your website can be boosted up the Google ranks and give you a competitive advantage. Here are a few quick tips to get you in the game:

  • Get your social media up to scratch. This means linking it to your website, posting multiple times every week and maintaining engagement with your audience.
  • Build those backlinks. Sign up for every free online directory you can find. Ask fellow business owners to have a link to your website. Basically, you want as many other websites linking to yours as possible.
  • Update your content. Make sure your content is up to date, fresh and relevant. Regularly updating content means that your website won’t go ‘stale’ and Google will see it as something that is always current and is therefore more likely to show it to other people.

There are obviously lots of other things that need to happen before your website gets a poll position and ASIT Group are here to help. We offer a once off optimisation of your website, ongoing SEO services or we can even maintain your social media and Google Adwords campaign. Just give us a call to find out more!

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