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Some of my favourite tools.

May 7, 2017

Honestly, I was struggling to find a topic for this post but then it occurred to me that maybe I should let you lovely people know some of my favourite tools and websites that I use to develop and design. It might give you some useful places to go or some fun things to use in your own projects.

This website is fantastic. It’s just a massive archive of different fonts all organised nicely for you. All you do is download the cool looking font you want, install it, then use it to your heart’s desire!

This website converts the font you just downloaded into a bunch of different formats just so everyone who ever looks at your website will be looking at it in the same way. You obviously need the right CSS to go along with this but I linked you to that in a previous post.

This website is pretty magical to be honest. It gives you a nice interface to tweak some parameters while giving you a visual example of what is happening and outputs the actual CSS to use on your own website.

Any web designer or developer that says they don’t use this website is not telling you the truth. Or they should start using this website! Nice, simple and clean interface with easy to understand example of most functions within HTML and CSS. Very good website for a quick refresher.

This is a little program called IE Tester that simply loads a website in all of the different versions of Internet Explorer. Nice way for you to test the compatibility of your website.

Notepad++ is in my opinion, simply amazing. It has syntax highlighting, support for a load of different languages, is fast and very simple to use. The higher end of functions in Notepadd++ include thing like macros, launching the file to different programs and even saving via FTP.

I do have and use a lot of other tools for website development but those are some my favourite and definitely the ones I use the most often.

If you have any tools, utilities or websites you use a lot then let us know in the comments!

Till next time.


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