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We’re Back!

May 7, 2017

It’s been over 6 months since our last post, and it’s become a bit inactive here. Well, that’s changing. We’ve updated the blog to look much nicer and if you have any suggestions to make it look better please tell us. We hope to keep this pretty active from now on.

We apologise for being so quiet, we’ve been very busy and haven’t found the time to properly fix this place up. We really do enjoy any feedback we get, whether it be criticism, complimentary, anything constructive. It helps us update sites like this and also helps us be a better business and be more connected to the community.

You can expect some new posts plus two client features from

Lee Gentle Photography and Prestige Electrical (you can check out both of their websites on our portfolio) and we have some pretty interesting things coming!

Thanks for sticking around. We hope you enjoy some new posts

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